Picture of me


A bit about me Antonio Borrillo, born and bred in the south of Italy. After graduating in language and literature I moved to London in 2005.

I have always been interested in photography since I was a primary school kid when I took my first few action shots of running horses.
But it wansn't until I moved to London that I took photography more seriously.
As a MSc student, I bought my first camera, a Konica Minolta Z5. I used to bring it with me all the time, ready to take nice shots. Then few years later I moved to a Canon 450D and that's when the fun begun.

I love travelling (camera always in hand of course) and during my trips I always end up taking thousands of pictures.I particularly like landscapes, cityscapes and nature although my passion lies in black and white photography.

About this website

With this site I am trying to merge my passion for photography and my hobby of building websites. I hope you will enjoy it.